July! A Challenging Month!

In a blink of eyes, We are coming to an end of July. This is my first blog of the month. July is a total new schedule for me and my family. Little Z is back with us permanently, attending a new school. The family is trying to adjust to the new schedule, establishing the … Continue reading July! A Challenging Month!

Zi Char Recommendation

Zi Char is one of the favorite options for us Singaporean for eating out. It is wallet-friendly and also a good option if you are those who love to explore a different variety from the poultry to seafood. I like to go Zichar because there are so many different ways of cooking and also the … Continue reading Zi Char Recommendation

Review : Italian Food: District 10 @ Suntec

As the saying goes, food always connects people. Tonight I organized a get-together with my ex-colleagues who have turned friends over the years. We always try to meet up every 2-3months amidst our busy schedule. The location http://www.district10.com.sg/suntec-city This chic Italian restaurant is strategically located in the city which is one of the reasons why … Continue reading Review : Italian Food: District 10 @ Suntec

My Cooking Diary: Pan Fry Spicy Tteokbokki

I fell immediately in love with the Korean spicy carbonara rice cake that I made last week. So here I tried to whip up a different taste today for lunch. It's really very simple too for a quick lunch. Tips: Rice cake tends to clump together and stick to the bottom of the pan, so … Continue reading My Cooking Diary: Pan Fry Spicy Tteokbokki