My Cooking Diary: Pan Fry Spicy Tteokbokki

I fell immediately in love with the Korean spicy carbonara rice cake that I made last week. So here I tried to whip up a different taste today for lunch. It's really very simple too for a quick lunch. Tips: Rice cake tends to clump together and stick to the bottom of the pan, so … Continue reading My Cooking Diary: Pan Fry Spicy Tteokbokki

My Beauty Diary : MOTD.. Pretty Up

A great motivation for setting up a blog is for me to be able to share beauty products, articles, and reviews with the readers. Since I was young, staying pretty is a must and necessary. Maybe about 3 years ago, I got really serious about makeup. I will login youtube and watch all the youtubber … Continue reading My Beauty Diary : MOTD.. Pretty Up

B.A.Z @ Bali 2018

The family decided to take a short holiday where we could bring our little boy to embrace the sun, beach and step on some sands. Taking the opportunity to also take some long overdue family portrait. I found a website - Wander Snap where we could find a local photographer at a reasonable price. So … Continue reading B.A.Z @ Bali 2018