Beauty Review: BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter Prismatic Amethyst (Limited Edition)


A few months ago, I passed by the Sephora store at Bugis, determined to hold back the urge to purchase anything. ( I don’t lack anything anyway). I promised myself I will be out in no second. Boy! I was wrong, I saw the Becca BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter Prismatic Amethyst (Limited Edition) was on 50% sale. This is my absolute fav for a highlighter brand. I had previously an earlier version which is also a limited edition: BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector, Rose Quartz. It is my holy grail. I used it every day. So naturally, when the Prismatic version ( Chrome Lavender) was launched months ago, I wanted to get it. Well guess what I didn’t in the end, I bought the other brand instead. Sephora was giving a discount during Great Singapore Sale.  It was on a half price that particular week. There is absolutely no way I can skip this.

Gorgeous Packaging is key 

Doesn’t the packaging reminds you of a UFO?! Almost all Becca powder product comes in this special and sturdy packaging. The rose quartz comes with a pale pink frame while the Prismatic one was framed up with a shiny purple. What really entices me is when I open both up, the raised pattern greeted me with a shimmering glitter.


The Outstanding Performance

Becca’s pressed highlighters have always been the liking of many beauty bloggers and beauty fanatic. Other than the high price, there is no way you can fault this product. I have always love strobing look since I got serious into make-up. Highlighting simply is the way to bring up the features. Becca’s pressed highlighters come with very fine shimmering glitter so that it doesn’t emphasize on dry lines or big pores. I would advise to use a very fine brush and go twice over the areas you would like to highlight. Both shades I owned carry a creamy texture, there is no difference in terms of the quality. Both are easy to wear and looks gorgeous on the face. There is nothing too extravagant if you go light hand on it.


Worth Every Penny!

Although the only negative comment about these powder is the high price of S$58, I felt that it is all worth it in terms of packaging and performance. The powder looks as full as the first day I bought them. I can use this forever and won’t run out of it. If you are looking for a powder highlighter with a natural looking finish, Becca range might be the one for you. I checked on the local Sephora website, there is a new shade which just came up – Vanilla Quartz. Please quickly get it before it runs out as it is also limited edition.


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