July! A Challenging Month!


In a blink of eyes, We are coming to an end of July. This is my first blog of the month.

July is a total new schedule for me and my family. Little Z is back with us permanently, attending a new school. The family is trying to adjust to the new schedule, establishing the routine around the little one. However, I have also learned so much through facing and solving the challenges. Read on what I have done for the rest of July apart from toddler management.

Handling the Little Toddler


Challenge 1: Set the alarm!

Wake up early in the morning to prep the little one for school!! ( 7am! OMG!) Like this post, if you agree. 😀 Frankly I have not set my alarm for quite a while. I like to establish a fixed routine to send Z to school around a fixed timing. I hope this makes routine easier when I’m back to workforce.

My routine starts by preparing milk and breakfast for him which will take around 30min. I love to hug and talk to him while he is having breakfast ( preparing his mindset to attend school) He loves to play with guitar and sing The ‘Good  Morning’ song and I am always his first audience of the day! Thereafter we have to bath and change him. Luckily Z is quite co-operative in this aspect, so we are quite on schedule every day. I learned that establishing routine is so important in educating children, we started routine on Z since young in terms of sleeping, eating and playing times. So he kinda of expect what is going to happen in a day.

Challenge 2: Getting Z to sleep alone in bed.

To be able to be independent is our ultimate goal for Z. He has been doing well in this aspect since young. However, he was so used to sleeping with the grandma during the weekdays and us on the weekend, therefore to encourage him to sleep alone without patting is really a tough task. However, I believe everything is possible for children, we parents need to be patient and persevere on no matter how long it takes.

First Step: First night of training, I told Z that he has grown up and should learn to sleep alone and we are not going to pat him to sleep. ( Oh Manz you should see his reaction. A BIG NO! came out from him.) Nevermind the endless whining and complains, we stopped the patting the night itself. The next few nights, Z pleaded us to pat him, however, he stops after we said no. Seeing that he had no more choices, he fell asleep on his own after 10min. (Yeah!!)

Second Step: After a few nights, we tried leaving the room after he had fallen asleep. The result is every night at 1.30am, Z walked to our room looking for us! It lasted a week. I cannot take that anymore, so on the 2nd week, I tried the 2nd strategy. I told Z to sleep alone on the bed while I sit on a mattress next to the bed. I told him if he leaves the bed, I will leave the room. So after much struggles and negotiation, he stays on the bed and fell asleep on his own, I slept on the mattress next to him because I want him to be assured that he is not alone in the room so that he would not wake up in the middle of the night. This went on for a week. Last night I slept in my own room and Z did not wake up at all and slept throughout on his own! ( Yippee! Success!)

Competence In Advanced Certification in Training and Assesment Module 1 -3 


July is an assessment month for the recent training course which I took up recently to upgrade myself. This course makes me step out of my comfort zone. Learning something new is really a kind of motivation and revision in life.  I have a phobia of watching myself on video. ( Yes! its embarrassing but its true) I have to watch myself on my own facilitation video in order to complete my assignment and assessment. I hope i can motivate myself to face video filming so that I can do LIVE FB and youtube video. Please give me your encouragement by liking this post!

Public speaking is not really a challenging task for me. Being a marketing professionals for years, I needed to speak publicly on many occasions. However, no one really correct me the right way of training people , the art of speaking. Ways to convincing and motivating learners. Having attended the first 3 modules, my perspective in continuous learning and art of speaking changes of course for a better and heightened level.

I have another 3 modules to complete before I can be a certified trainer. I am so looking forward to this new career opportunity. I urged everyone to reflect on your current status and find something you may wish to explore further. You will be surprised by discovering your hidden talent and skill.

MaryKay Roadshow Event


Event management is in my blood. I have a great passion for event management. So during my career break, I sought opportunities to do what I truly love. Beauty and Events. Last weekend my gals and I was at the Suntec Mega Flea market. We planned the event from scratch, tapping on each other expertise to come up with the sales and marketing strategies, logistic planning , booth decorations. Under the encouragement of our mentor, we held my first MaryKay roadshow. In my usual event, I do not have to be on the ground at all times, handing out the brochures, doing sales talks as we always have our sales team. My job was always mingling with the customers and ensuring the smooth operation of the event, Being an entrepreneur means that I have to do everything actively and on the ground and that includes standing at the doorstep distributing the brochures.

At the end of the roadshow, I was feeling sore feet and aching back. However, most importantly, I felt happy and energized when I knew that our customers benefitted from our sharing and product demos. Every woman is pretty and we just needed to bring it to the next level. I hope to continue to impart my knowledge and help our pretty customers to make the right choice in skincare and make up products.

Visit my page for more MaryKay product offering.


Discover your talent and Uncover the endless Opportunities!









2 thoughts on “July! A Challenging Month!

  1. Enjoy the 7am wake up time while it last. When Z goes to primary school, you may find yourself waking up at 6am instead! 😅 Nice blog! I’ve given up on mine … haha … my last post is was donkey years ago!


    1. Yea. I am enjoying the bonding time with Z although its quite tough in the beginning. Carry on with blogging when you have the time. I will be your first follower. ;D


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