My Learning Journey # 1 : Makeup workshop

Life-long learning had been my slogan ever since April when I started to reflect on what have I done in the past and what I can do MORE moving forward. My gals have been urging me to update my blog post with the ACTA course which I have been attending since May. I realized there were so much to write on that maybe a vlog video would complement the write-up. So just bear with me a little. I will try to get this up soon! 😀



On this rainy Thursday, I was invited to attend a beauty workshop ( in a pink office) hosted by Mary Kay Singapore. Don’t be surprised when I portrayed myself as a vainpot, beauty fanatic but have not attended once a beauty course. Wow! but this is true. It’s not that I am confident of my makeup skill or simply contented, it’s just something my gals and I have not planned to do together as a get-together activity yet.



OMG! this is the pre-makeup shot without any traces of powder! Pardon us readers for any discomfort. 😀 The workshop was greeted with the Trainer – Gelainza, a pretty and petite lady who is always holding a warm smile.



Gel went on to explain to us the importance of using a clean, sanitized hands at the start of the class. Although I thought I have known the steps of a putting on makeup, after the theory explanation I realized that I have done some steps and motion wrongly. Oops. time for some beauty reflection. Our girlfriend in the picture even takes down key notes. She is a serious learner.

A Good Skincare Regime before makeup

To create that flawless and perfect look, you have to got to take care of the condition of your face, Build that strong and poreless foundation before you paint those colors on your face.

Skincare Regimen before make up: 

 Remove any residual/makeup using an oil-based makeup remover.

  1. Thoroughly cleanse your skin with a good cleanser
  2. Softener or Toner to prep the skin
  3. Serums
  4. Moisturizer
  5. eye cream / gel
  6. Sunscreen of at least SPF 35

Basic Make up steps: 

  1. Apply Face Primer ( preferably with SPF 15)
  2. CC Cream or foundation
  3. Undereye corrector & or concealer
  4. Loose powder
  5. Eye primer
  6. Eyeshadow
  7. Cheek color
  8. Eyebrow with (powder & pencil)
  9. Lips ( Remember to put on the lip balm before applying the lip color)

Tips: To maximize eyeshadow color payoff, please apply eye primer. It helps in oil control and helps makeup to last longer.

Acquiring knowledge +  skill practice = Competency. So I tried to practice what I have learned in the classroom the next day. This is the look I came up with before going out for dinner with my BFF. I focus on drawing a fuller brow and pilling up 2 tones eyeshadow to make the eyes pop. Juicy lip color is achieved by combining 2 different lip colors of different hues and tones. There is definitely still room for improvement. I hope to attend the Korean makeup session soon and share with you how to create a dewy skin and sexy lip for a glamorous Korean superstar look! Wuhoo!

(Picture on the left: Before attending makeup workshop)

(Picture on the right:  Results after skill practice)


Learning is definitely FUN especially with all the vainpots put together. There were so much sharing, laughter, and encouragement.



Let me know if you like to know more about the product I used during the session. I can do a separate blog post to share some of the product reviews. 

Do join me for the next FREE makeup session if you are interested.  ;D

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