Zi Char Recommendation

Zi Char is one of the favorite options for us Singaporean for eating out. It is wallet-friendly and also a good option if you are those who love to explore a different variety from the poultry to seafood. I like to go Zichar because there are so many different ways of cooking and also the tantalizing collection of seafood often brings warm and hearty meals. For me and the hubby, we are the true blue foodies, often looking out for the hippy cafes, popular restaurants and Zichar stalls to go. We have our list of favorites and must-go stalls. I will try to update periodically. Too much content that I want to share with the readers 😀

Today, I would like to review one of the stalls we patronized last week. We found this Zi Char stalls on the damn-worth-it vlog. Although it is not near our place, we decided to still drive there to try because the crab looked so appealing. I have got to try it.

The name of the stall is 7th Mile Seafood. located at Bukit Timah. It is a small coffee shop. It was said that the chef used to work for the famous Ming Kee seafood for a few years. We were there pretty early on a weekday evening so there was no crowd. (yeah!)


One of the must-order dishes is, of course, the crab bee hoon. They are using Sri Lankan crabs which is also why you can see that the crab looks huge and luscious. We order the dry beehoon to got with it. The crab was priced at S$60/kg which we thought was totally worth it. The noodle was so soft and creamy and the butter completed the taste infusing the entire dishes with an aromatic aftertaste. This crab bee hoon is out of the world, you got to taste it yourself. The cooking method is definitely different from the one at Punggol master Crab which is also one of my favorite. I would think that this one is more of the fusion style instead of the traditional type. There is no gravy for this as it is cooked totally dried. so if you are not comfortable with dry beehoon, you can opt for the soupy kind.


 The crab meat is plump, juicy and sweet. definitely satisfying to the taste. The crab is delicious and tasted so fresh on its own without added sauce.


we also ordered this fried cheesy prawn. I forgot the full name of this dish. Anyway, you will be able to find it easily in the menu. This dish cost S$18. I felt its a little on the high side for merely 6 sticks of prawns. The prawns however of a medium size and are rather fresh to taste. The outer crispy part is coated with a hint of cheese aroma, nothing too much. For those who love a stronger cheesy flavor may opt out for this, The presentation of this dish excites me a little when served though. You don’t usually see such architectural presentation of prawns at a Zi Char stall.


The hubby loves this steamed sotong which is greatly infused with garlic soya sauce. He said he had not tasted anything like this before. The squid is cook perfectly to taste, soft and non-rubbery. Totally comfortable to taste. The sauce is so garlicky, perfect for those who love garlic and the green onion brings more succulent to this dish. You have got to remember to rinse your mouth after this. 😀

Overall Verdict: I would recommend visiting this stall especially if you are staying in the west and have not known this stall yet. Total bill came up to S$96 for 2 pax. The crab is totally worth it in my opinion, for the other 2 side dishes, I felt it’s on the high side. 

Address :

7th Mile Seafood (Bukit Timah)

#01-97, BLK 18 TOH YI DRIVE, 590018

Tel: 6466 0833



Hope you have enjoyed this short read. Please feel free to share with me any other Zi Char stalls you have been and that is worth trying 😀 

Have a ‘hearty and full’  day ahead!


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