My Cooking Diary : Fried Chicken

Thanks to all my friends who have given me feedback on my blog. Appreciate all the comments and encouraging words. I love you all! Some of the suggestions to add to the blog includes the recipes for all the dishes I posted on the FB. I am still a novice at cooking, I am continuing to learn new dishes. I will update my cooking diary soon with selected dishes which I had experiment previously that is worth sharing.

I am so glad that I dabble in cooking. It is my newly found hobby. Cooking to me is an art and test of perseverance. Yes! It can get very hot in the kitchen. However, through cooking, I discovered how amazing different spices can work together to whip up that yummy food. In cooking, you persevere till the end as you have to make that pasta taste good even if you made mistake, you just have to add a little sugar or spice to cover up the mistake. You can’t let your family go hungry huh! So in life, it is as such, we just have to find the sweet solution to cover up a laundry full of problem.

I opened the fridge this evening and found a pack of drumlet that I should have cleared already. So I just marinate it with some fish sauce and pepper and fry it. Fish sauce is an amazing sauce. It typically wakes up any dish, especially in Thai cuisine. This dish is simple to make and it’s tasty, crispy and salty.

Tips: If you want very crispy fried chicken, you have to double fry it just like what you would do to make the Korean fried chicken


Step by Step:

  1. Marinate the chicken for 30 min with fish sauce and pepper.
  2. Add some red chili pepper if you like some heat.
  3. Dry the drumlet with some paper towel to avoid the oil splashing. (due to deep fry)
  4. Coat the chicken with some cornstarch or all-purpose flour
  5. Remember to shake off excess flour off the chicken to avoid clumps during frying.
  6. Fry in medium heat for 4 min on one side and flip to another side and fry for another 3 -4 min.img_1798.jpg

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