B.A.Z @ Bali 2018

The family decided to take a short holiday where we could bring our little boy to embrace the sun, beach and step on some sands. Taking the opportunity to also take some long overdue family portrait. I found a website – Wander Snap where we could find a local photographer at a reasonable price. So a week before we embarked on the trip, I booked a one hr photography, I knew it would be a challenging mission as this little boy can get very cheeky and difficult to handle ( mood swing) at times. Basically, he doesn’t fancy photography, luckily we managed to engage a really patient photographer and got the job done. This is on a casual basis, meaning there were no fancy clothes, designed poses. The shots were all engineered around our little toddler, random shots of his smiles!

All the pictures are uploaded to my youtube channel now:

The Resort


I chanced upon a few blogs saying that this a family-friendly hotel. So we decided to give it a shot. Upon reaching the resort, we were greeted by a group of very friendly and smiley staffs. The resort looked relatively new and clean. It has a very impressive huge lobby which my toddler loved to roll on the huge circular couch.


The entire resort was surrounded by the pool. See the daybed before the pool? Yes, you can book the poolside room on the ground floor. I didn’t realise how great it was until I saw it. I swore I will book this category the next time. You can jump in the pool every morning when you woke up. How tempting is that huh. So anyway, we booked the normal which is also fine. I was just disappointed that there was no bathtub for most category except for the suite. You may check out the website for more info. http://balibenoa.holidayinnresorts.com/


The Kids Playroom

Not to forget to mention the kid’s playroom. Apparently, Holiday Inn is one of the few resorts who has a kids playroom, full day filled with activities. For smaller kids, there is a need to be accompanied by parents or the options of hiring a nanny. The place was kept clean and it caters to different ages of children. I’m sure your kids will enjoy this place just like my toddler. He refused to leave the place.


The kids swimming pool

Another place my son absolutely love is the kid’s pool with slide. This is suitable for young children, of course, accompanied by parents.


 The beach

Beach at Nusa Dua may not be as beautiful as the other part of Bali, we still enjoy the clean beach and blue sea. It is just at the resort so convenient to shuffle between the pool and the beach. Sea sports lovers can also find many sea activities out here. Look at the parasailing. I would have gone up if I didn’t bring my boy along.



The Spa

Tea Tree Spa by Holiday Inn, the service was impeccable from the front desk to the Therapist. There is a wide range of package for you to choose. Of course one of the packages I chose includes the signature Balinese massage. My hubby really pampered me and sign me up for 2 days spa! The spa area was spacious and located underground. It was quiet and serene. look at the entrance to the spa room. The corridor that is specially meant for a queen. It looked so grand.

The food

Both my hubby and I love good food. So every day was food indulgence. Highly recommend a few favorites.

Sisterfields at Seminyak      http://www.sisterfieldsbali.com


Naughty Nuri at Seminyak

I tried the one in Singapore and didn’t think much of it, but the one at Bali really swept me off the feet. It was so delicious with the really strong chargrilled aftertaste.

Ohh, thinking of it makes me feel like flying back to Bali just for this. My boy loves the pasta though it was just so-so for the adult. We loved the meat!IMG_1095

The Photography Session


A week before the family embarked on this trip, I decided to book a photographer via a website – Wander Snap. https://wandersnap.co/ for a long overdue family photography session. The process of booking was a breeze. you can select the photographer that you would love to book base on the location. You may also like to take a look at their work to determine. Different photographer display different theme and styles. To check their availability, you can message them via the platform. Once they confirm the availability, then you can book directly on the website and make payment.

We are happy to engage Matthius Andy for the photoshoot. The venue we chose was at Nusa Dua,  Pirates Bay Bali. A pirates theme restaurant. Upon entrance, you will see a huge pirates ship where we had a couple of shots. After the photography session, we dine on the treetop! Yes, the experience was amazing. Imagine you just sit on the tree and overlook the sunset and the sea, how relaxing is that. One of the dishes that you may like to order is the seafood platter.



Andy is a very patient and accommodating photographer. During the one-hour photo shoot, he relentlessly tried making my boy feel relaxed and happy. The toddler is the hardest subject to handle during photo taking. We were so glad to get Andy for the job. The end results were satisfying, he managed to capture the precious smile of my son. Initially, I was still worried that there won’t be much of a good angle shot of Baby Z. We got the soft copies of the photo 2 days after. Andy tried his best to select the photos that I wanted after a few rounds of changes. See how accommodating he is.

You may engage him via wander snap –  http://www.wandersnap.co/user/andialogue                                         His IG: @pixtureimaji @threestoriesphotography


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